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Physics, system development and modeling

FSA supports you in solving scientific and technical problems by offering measurement services and computer modeling as well as the development of measurement devices, protection systems, experimental setups and software.

Direct measurement with the SKG 7 Type 18 or modeling with OpenFOAM and the FSA cluster can answer these questions.

Measurements using thermal sensors, a fast and high-resolution infrared camera, spectroscopic methods as well as modeling with OpenFOAM or COMSOL Multiphysics provide the desired data.

We have the equipment and skilled personnel to make the measurements you need.

We develop customized devices such as our patented glow nest detection system and software.

We can calculate numerous hazard potentials such as flying debris, container strength, hinge strength of explosion doors.

We can deliver this using a state-of-the-art high-speed camera, drone and scanning electron microscope.

Contact us if any of the above questions apply to you, or if you have other questions about occupational safety that reach into the fields of physics and engineering.

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