One of the services provided by FSA GmbH is the development and distribution of software for controlling healing processes and for explosion protection.

The development of the ExProtect software was based on the findings of an extensive investigation carried out by FSA regarding the mechanics of explosion doors and lids. The user-friendly software makes the findings accessible to food industry operators and designers. The regularly updated software consists of five modules SIMEK, STS, Vent, Vessel and BeVent.                                          

SIMEK calculates the time dependent force course which acts at the hinges ropes of the explosion doors and lids during the venting process of silos or vessels.

STS calculates the most likely and the maximum flight range of debris when large parts of buildings or vessels are destroyed by the effects of dust explosions.

Vent is designed for the calculation of pressure venting areas or reduced overpressures in explosion hazardous rooms and silos.

Vessel is designed to support the dimensioning of pressure vessels.

BeVent is a module for calculating the venting area of bucket elevators.