Testing and certification

FSA GmbH operates an European notified testing and certification body under the identification number 0588 in the scope of Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

The notification is valid for the following cases:

  • Non-electrical equipment of equipment group II
    (e.g. crushers, dryers, conveyors, mixers, rotary valves)
Equipment category 
(RL 94/9/EG)   
suitable for zone
(BetrSichV or
(RL 1999/92/EG)
Applicable modules 
(RL 94/9/EG)
Alternativ modul
0 (also 1 and 2)
20 (also 21 and 22)
EU type-examination (Annex III)                        +
Production quality assurance (Annex IV)
product verification (Annex (V)
EU unit verification
(Annex IX)EC unit   
1 (also 2)
21 (also 22)
Internal production control
(Annex VIII)
Deposit of the technical documentation at a notified body
Internal production control
(Annex VIII)

The modules highlighted with blue must be produced by a notified body.  

  • Autonomous protective systems such as

    • Pressure venting devices
      (e.g. rupture discs, explosion doors, flameless pressure venting)
    • Explosion isolation systems
      (e.g. flameproof rotary valves, explosion diverter, explosion protection valves, chemical barriers, fast actuating slide valves, quench valves)
    •  Explosion suppression systems

For autonomous protective systems and category 1 equipment the same requirements are valid:

Applicable modules
(RL 94/9/EG)
Alternative modul
Autonomous protective systemsEU type-examination (Annex III)
Production quality assurance (Annex IV) or
product verification (Annex (V)
EU unit verification
(Annex IX)

The modules highlighted with blue must be produced by a notified body.

More information about the interpretation and application of Directive 2014/34/EU  can be found in the "First edition of the ATEX 2014/34/EU Guidelines".
An EC-type examination may require explosion investigations which can be performed on our test site in Kappelrodeck.

The cost of carrying out the tests, the certification and surveillance of the quality system "production" depend on the scope and effort. We would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding quotation with detailed description of the benefits and costs.