Explosion investigations

  • Explosionstechnische Untersuchungen

Depending on the scope we can carry out the explosion investigation in our dust laboratory in Mannheim, or large scale explosion tests at our test site in Kappelrodeck. The spectrum ranges from investigation of explosion characteristics of dusts and explosion investigation in the context of EC-type examination to special investigations outside the scope of the ATEX and in the context of your product development.

Our test site in Kappelrodeck has an extensive infrastructure for the processing of various kind of different requests. Some examples give you an insight into of our means: 

  • Test silos up to a volume of 60 m³
  • 15 m high experimental bucket elevator
  • Pipes with diameters up to 1000 mm
  • A pneumatic conveying system for powdery products
  • Fans with different output
  • High speed measurement technique to determine the pressure time course and the detection of the flame front course
  • High-speed video technology for resolution of  very fast movements
  • Infrared high-speed camera to determine the temperatures of escaping flames from hot gas clouds