Centre for Movement Therapy Erfurt

Zentrum für Bewegungstherapie

The Centre for Movement Therapy (ZfB) is located in Erfurt. It concerns an outpatient prevention and rehabilitation facility of FSA GmbH, with the focus on musculoskeletal system, nutrition and psyche. In this medically supervised facility there is a close cooperation among different departments. The interdisciplinary team consists of physiotherapists, sports therapists and occupational therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, workplace health promoters and biomechanics.[more]

Prevention Centre for Industrial Medicine Erfurt

Arbeitsmedizinisches Präventionszentrum Erfurt

The Prevention Centre for Industrial Medicine (APZ) Erfurt is a service provider in the fields of applied system safety and industrial medicine for all FSA members, their supported companies and other customer. The range of services includes primary and secondary prevention and rehabilitation. [more]