FSA GmbH provides services on the field of occupational safety and health protection. In addition to applied research, our main tasks are

  • Operational advice concerning health and safety protection
  • Risk analysis of workplaces and their environment for human beings
  • Development of preventiv health programs
  • Safety and risk analysis of systems with regards to explosion protection
  • Detremining of burning and explosion characteristics of dusts
  • Testing of protective systems and equipment to be used in potentially explosive areas
  • Investigation of explosion processes under realistic conditions in field trials in 1:1 scale

FSA provides services through its Centre for Industrial Medicine Erfurt (APZ), the Centre for Movement Therapy (ZfB), its European authorized Testing and Certification Body for System Safety according to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) with the enclosed Test Site Kappelrodeck as well as through their experts in various scientific disciplines.