Test site Kappelrodeck


FSA GmbH operates an experimental plant for the research of gas and dust explosions in a former granite quarry in the northern Black Forest of Germany.  We also test equipment, components and protective systems to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. 
The highly qualified team of the test site, some with more than 20 years of experience in the field of explosion protection, has an extensive infrastructure at their disposal for handling all kinds of different tasks.



Explosion protection one of our core competencies 

  • You are a manufacturer of protective systems or non electrical equipment, which fall within the scope of the European Directive 94/9/EC and need an EC type-examination?
  • You produce equipments which are not falling under the scope of Directive 94/9/EC, however, but require a statement about explosion safety and explosion-pressure shock resistance?
  • You develop an equipment or a protective system and require accompanying explosion tests during the development phase before you proceed to the type examination?
  • You process a product and you would like to know more about its explosion characteristic values?
  • You do not have the resources to create yourself the hazard analysis, a risk assessment, or the explosion protection document for your business?
  • You are looking for professional advice or you need expert statements about explosion protection issues?

  • You want an intensive in-house training in the field of dust and gas explosions?

Even in case you have other questions about "explosion protection", please contact us! 
Due to their cooperation in national and international committees (CEN, DIN, IVSS, VDI, TRBS, ExNB), our experts are always up to speed.