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Dust Explosion Incidents

 ISSA Prevention Series No. 2051 (E)

 ISBN 92-843-1169-1 - ISSN 1015-8022

Practical Accistance for the Preparation of an Explosion Protection Document

 ISSA Prevention Series No. 2050 (E)

 ISBN 92-843-1167-5 - ISSN 1015-8022

Dust Explosions

 ISSA Prevention Series No. 2044 (E)

 ISBN 92-843-7153-8 - ISSN 1015-8022

Determination of the Combustion and Explosion Characteristics of Dust

 ISSA Prevention Series No. 2018 (E)

 ISBN 92-843-1092-X - ISSN 1015-8022