About us

The Research Centre for Applied System Safety and Industrial Medicine (FSA e.V.) is a registered non-profit association. The association’s headquarter is located in Mannheim. The leading member of FSA e.V. is BGN, an association of occupational insurance which provides the staff, the laboratory and the test site equipment for FSA research activities. 

Apart from the non-profit association, FSA e.V. also operates a subsidiary FSA GmbH. The Testing and Certification Body of FSA GmbH is a European notified body for equipment and protective systems for intended use in potentially explosive atmospheres. FSA GmbH carries out EC-type examinations, when necessary, using explosion technical investigations either in the Mannheim laboratory or the Kappelrodeck test site, creates safety reports and is a service provider for metrological applications. Furthermore, it runs a prevention centre for occupational health with a center for movement therapy. Exchange of experience and cooperation of FSA experts with national and international standardization bodies, as well as having high-tech facilities in the laboratory and the test site are important prerequisites for the work of FSA.

The interdisciplinary work of FSA mostly covers the fields of

  • Industrial medicine
  • Biomechanics
  • Microbiology/Industrial hygiene
  • Hazardous substances
  • System and plant safety, as well as
  • Fire and explosion protection.

Research findings are published in professional article and presented at national and international symposia/seminars. The findings are included in the development, consulting and training, as well as in the European standardization process.